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It all comes down to her two last words in the playthrough, spoken through happy, emotional tears as Hank pulls Connor in for a hug: Even her sacrificing Jerry to save Kara, Luther and Alice is one of these.

While she was mistaken about what would happen if she made a certain other choice she insists that if you don't sacrifice anyone or yourself you end up in a recycling plant, which is partially incorrect - her playthrough had Markus protesting peacefully, which means everyone could have gotten through safely and survived if she picked "sacrifice nobody" , but she is very conflicted about it and says that she will keep the character in her heart and memory because of it.

While the general consensus was that Hannah was in the wrong and overreacted, some felt she had a point. As mentioned below in the backdraft section, Caff's becoming very polarizing in playthroughs because of his tendency to be a backseat gamer ie, being bossy, overly talkative - arguably in a condescending fashion - and trying to make Hannah do what he wants , and it's gotten to the point that people are simply no longer watching series featuring him, and aren't shying away from showing their frustration.

Hannah's reactions to said frustration are breaking things even further as elaborated on below.

For example, one fan said "I can understand Hannah's perspective, but again, it seems misguided to label criticism as entitlement and claim a lack of understanding on behalf of the viewer.

Furthermore, if I'm choosing not to watch your video, and I'm explaining my decision to you, that seems amicable in my opinion depending on the tone I take, obviously - whilst the creator reacting in such a dismissive way, well that seems Hannah had reacted very badly to people being annoyed with Caff, including publicly calling people out on her Twitter and getting aggressive with them.

While the general consensus was that she shouldn't have shared them, some fans felt that it was unfair to blame here for stumbling across them when Tumblr is constantly changing its mechanics with little warning.Her publicly posting hate mail to her Tumblr has split the base.While most people agree that the former fan in question was in the wrong for making baseless accusations, stalking her social media platforms and basically harassing her, a few called her out for not editing out the individual's name, including some that otherwise agreed the comments were rude and uncalled for.Apologising to a fan blog after she accidentally accused them of putting slash in the main tag.Her playthrough of Detroit: Become Human is full of these, but the clearest example comes when, after not finding a certain clue and ending up getting Connor killed, as well as making the wrong choice and getting Luther killed, she goes against her normal playthrough rules and replays those parts to save them, ending in her getting almost the best ending.

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