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In a parting blow, General Roger Sheaffe ordered the grand magazine, a timber structure on the shore of Lake Ontario packed with 30,000 pounds of gunpowder, 30,000 cartridges, 10,000 cannonballs and numerous musket balls, be torched to prevent it falling into American hands.

The blast, powerful enough to perforate eardrums and hemorrhage the lungs of some American soldiers massed outside the Fort was said to have rattled windows 50 kilometres across the lake in Niagara.

At first, Dorchester suggested opening the new Canada West as districts under the Quebec government, but the British Government made known its intention to split Canada into Upper and Lower Canada.

Dorchester began organizing for the new province of Upper Canada, including a capital.

York was incorporated and renamed Toronto in 1834, leading to the first Toronto elections.

The Mississaugas set up a settlement reserve in the area of Port Credit to the west of York and eventually moved further to the west.Tensions between the British and Americans persisted and war broke out in 1812.In 1813, the garrison was attacked and overrun by the Americans forcing the British to retreat.After World War II, another major influx of immigrants came to the region, leading to the growth of numerous suburban villages.However, the suburban villages did not have the tax base to build the infrastructure to support the growth in population.

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