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The Holocene 11(3): 255–265, DOI 10.1191/095968301675275728. In: Starkel L, Ed), Evolution of the Vistula river valley during the last 15 000 year. Quaternary Science Reviews 27(1–2): 6–17, DOI 10.1016/j.quascirev.20.

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In the last decades, the calibration of 14C dates allowed a new approach to be used for the construction of the probability distribution function of these dates in various facies or types of sediments, which formed a background for distinguishing and correlating climatic phases and defining boundaries between them.

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Quaternary stratigraphy of Norden, a proposal for terminology and classification. Late Glacial and Holocene climatic changes registered in forms and deposits of the Klaklowo landslide (Beskid Średni Range, Outer Carpathians). Records of the Late Glacial-Holocene palaeoenvironmental changes in landslide forms and deposits of the Beskid Makowski and Beskid Wyspowy Mts. Prace Komisji Paleogeografii Czwartorzędu PAU, Kraków VI: 163–171 (in Polish with English summary). Late Glacial and Holocene palaeoecological conditions and changes of vegetation cover under early farming activity in the south Kujawy region (central Poland). In: Starkel L, Ed., Evolution of the Vistula River Valley during the last 15,000 years. [85] Niewiarowski W, Noryśkiewicz B, Piotrowski W and Sinkiewicz M, 1995. Wiek osadów biogenicznych i wybranych zdarzeń geomorfologicznych w Guzowie koło Lubska w świetle datowania radiowęglowego i palinologicznego (Age of biogenic sediments and selected geomorphological events In Guzów near Lubsko In the Ligot of radiocarbon and palynological dating).

Boreas 3(3): 109–126 DOI 10.1111/j.1502-3885.1974.tb00669.x. Studia Geomorphologica Carpatho-Balcanica 35: 63–79. An outline of natural and anthropogenic changes of geographical environment in the Biskupin area during the last 7000 years. In: Pazdur A, Bluszcz A, Stankowski W and Starkel L, Eds., Geochronologia górnego czwartorzędu Polski: 265–275 (In Polish).

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