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Dating sites that cater to men interested in older women that are legitimate are always difficult to find.

As you see in our there are such sites out there but they are rare.

Warning Sign 2 " Live cams that are videos not live Even as you are going through the signup process on Maturehookup.

No legitimate sites are going to try to send you to another site before you even have a chance to signup for their site.

Within two minutes of signing up for Mature Hookup.

It appears that they are only attracting a few hundred people to their site every month through Google.

Any legitimate website with a good user base will have numbers that are in the tens of thousands at a minimum with the truly elite sites being in the hundreds of thousands or millions.

Warning Sign 4 " Lots of fake profiles The most common trick that fake sites like to pull is something we see again on Maturehookup. Fake sites like Mature Hookup love to add a ton of fake profiles to make sure that new users think there are a lot of attractive women on the site.

Fortunately for you, we have become very good at spotting these fake profiles!

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