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We have a bunch of local programs for managing our fileservers.One of the things these programs do is manipulate NFS exports options, so that we can have a configuration file that sets general share options and then allows us to specify that specific filesystems extend them, with convenient syntax, eg: This means that /h/281 should be exported read-write to the AAA netgroup as well as the usual main netgroup for our own machines.I really thought I understood how Illumos NFS exports worked (and I only checked the manpage to see if it described things explicitly, and that because I was writing an entry for here).Instead I had drifted into a convenient assumption of how things were. Like the last two VMworlds, VMworld 2018 will be held at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center in Las Vegas.This will be the last year that VMworld is at Mandalay Bay – it should make a return to San Francisco’s Moscone Center for 2019.(This part I sort of knew already, or at least I assumed it without having hunted it down specifically in the manual page.See eg this entry.) The next tricky bit is the interaction of groups, since the machine that was supposed to be able to write to the filesystem would have failed (and the failure would have stalled our mail system). What this shows me vividly, once again, is the appeal of casual superstition.

It's a rule of thumb, and it's mostly true about core kernel code.Linux kernel driver code is a little bit more likely to have bugs.) So I assumed that the cause of my sudden panics was probably ZFS on Linux (an assumption helped along when I accidentally ran my machine without the VMWare modules and it still paniced).After some diagnostic work, I reduced things down to a belief of 'Zo L and the latest Fedora kernels don't like each other', went to report an issue, and found Zo L issue #7723 and thus Fedora #1598462.That can be checked by connecting manually with wpa_supplicant dhcpcd (or dhclient) and checking for error messages, of course this should be done in the cli so it is possible to see the complete [email protected] thank you for that lecture and assuming that people are morons. It appears that the problem is WEP, at least for me.

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