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They tricked Alan Grant and Billy Brennan onto Isla Sorna in order to find their young son, Eric Kirby, who disappeared on the island two months prior along with her boyfriend Ben.

Amanda lived in Enid, Oklahoma and was married to Paul Kirby.

Talk about how you met and the things you were feeling.

Known to the experts as ‘speleology', caving involves the exploration, surveying, mapping and photographing of caves situated around Sri Lanka .

With some of Sri Lanka's caves dating back approximately 500 million years, this is an adventure into the prehistoric!

Throughout the film, Amanda often argued with Paul and ignored Alan's advice against making loud noises, shouting for Eric in her desperation and also screaming in terror when they encountered predatory dinosaurs.

She was distraught when the group discovered Ben's corpse, especially when she became tangled in Ben's parachute, causing her to temporarily run off.

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