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Alice is married to Zac Goldsmith, Ben’s brother, and possible future mayor of London. Last night, Nicky and James threw a lavish party at Spencer House in St James’s in London, attended by the cream of London society, including Ben Elliott, Tom Parker Bowles, Prince Harry ex Florence Brudenell-Bruce, property developer Nick Candy, Isaac Ferry (second son of rocker Bryan), Jemima Goldsmith, Petra Ecclestone, and Thomas van Straubenzee, a close friend of Prince William and the godfather of Princess Charlotte.

The royal connection is strong—before meeting Nicky, James had a long relationship with socialite Astrid Harbord, Prince Harry’s close friend and a confidante of the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Daily Mail reports that Nicky will be wearing a £50,000 couture Valentino wedding gown and an “enormous eight-carat diamond engagement ring, estimated to be worth a cool £1 million.”Nicky, who turned down the option of appearing in the The Simple Life reality-TV show that propelled her sister to fame, has pursued a career in fashion.

Nicky’s first wedding, to banker Todd Meister, took place in Las Vegas after a night out in August 2004.

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"When we had our first kiss, I felt that electric feeling and I knew there was something special about him,” she continued.The only guests were Paris and actress Bijou Phillips. The couple is already thinking about their future wedding, so naturally thinking about it too. Will Paris wear a Juicy Couture track suit down the aisle? But she would at least rock a pair of velour pants while getting ready with her bridesmaids, right?The matriarch’s dress featured white floral appliqués along the bottom, and she accessorized with a statement pearl necklace and mini top-handle bag. They’re best friends,” Paris, 34, previously told PEOPLE of the couple. Now, here’s a couple whose lives would make some amazing reality television.

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