Who is miranda hart dating

According to Zoe's mother, when Zoe was ten she fell off a swing and the doctors believed she would need a blood transfusion- when it turned out Ethan 's blood didn't match Zoe's, it was revealed (unknowingly to ten-year-old Zoe) he was not her biological father.Zoe's mother describes Ethan Hart as a man who can't handle complications, and though, he tried to stay a part of Zoe's life, he didn't feel up to the task. Later, when Zoe realized Ethan was not her biological father, she would refer to this incident as "why Dad stopped loving me".She's determined to make the town see that she could be one of them, and so, to hang on to the medical practice her father had for 45 years.Zoe and father, Ethan Hart were close, growing up, sharing his dream to become a doctor, and determined to follow in his footsteps and become a cardio-thoracic surgeon - even performing her residency at New York Hospital, the same hospital where he had done his, while her mother, Candice Hart tried to sway her daughter toward another direction.However, he tries to deny his feelings for Zoe, and tells his brother he's free to date her because they're both snobbish and superior and would be perfect together.Unfortunately, Zoe overheard this exchange and later confronted Wade, asking if this was what he really thought of her.

At the age of 28, after moving to Bluebell, Alabama Zoe was given a photograph of Harley Wilkes and her mother together, and discovered her real father was Harley Wilkes, whom her mother, Candice Hart had an affair with on a cruise while engaged to another man.However, Wade is caught with another woman (Claudette) in 2x15.(The Gambler) Wade finally admits that there was more to it than he initially stated.Wade says yes to this, and continues to point out the three men who have caught her eye since her arrival in Bluebell - a veterinarian , a lawyer , and an eco-geologist oceanographer/army hero - all lucrative careers, and takes off in his truck, leaving behind a surprised and hurt Zoe, who then chooses to take a step back from the idea of dating Jesse, telling him "I can't always stay out of people's business, but when I can I probably should" (Bachelorettes & Bullets).In Episode 1x22, Zoe and Wade find themselves stranded in a barn during a rainstorm.

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