Who is daisy hoya dating

But before we get to that drama, let's review the myriad dramas from this episode, shall we?

First up, the challenge is one of those patented VH1 dating show obstacle courses.

Does he betray his very soul by being more forceful with/pretending to fall madly, deeply in love with a stranger or does he stay true to himself and continue to lay low? I never thought it would be possible, but there is seemingly 10 times the number of make out sessions on "Daisy of Love" than the first three seasons of "Rock of Love" combined. Daisy gets all flustered and freaked out and demands to know if Tool Box is there for her or not and he hems and haws and she sends him home and then goes off in a huff. He actually says "THIS IS NOT A GAME." Except, of course, it a game. In her room, alone and sad, Daisy cries, before passing out in heap of blonde hair and sillicone.

"Daisy loved 'The Lost Boys,' and she always had a crush on Corey," the source said.

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The dudes pick teams and , team captain of the Black Team (they all wear jumpsuits representing their team colors), is determined to win some alone time with Daisy, so he takes a ton of hits to his body (and they all remark on the pain the paint pellets produce) and protects the Daisy mannequin the best. Brooklyn takes this opportunity to announce that his heart is not in this and tenders his resignation. Poor Sinister, who as the leader of the winning team is supposed to get some special one-on-time with Daisy, sits glumly in an empty VIP area alone while Daisy forgets him entirely and flirts with everyone else.

Daisy is super-upset, because she had specifically asked him about the status of his relationship with his ex/not-ex girlfriend at the last elimination and he had lied that he wanted to be there and it was over with his ex, blah blah blah. She makes out with pretty much everyone in the place and it is fairly gross in a hepatitis-outbreak kind of way.

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