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The book contains an exclusive introduction by Victoria Wood about what it's like to make a TV programme.

‘Call The Midwife’ has become a Christmas Day ratings winner for the BBC in recent years, and we expect the 2017 special to be no different.

There's only one way for Victoria and Jackie to get into the youth hostel run by the haughty and slightly mad Susan — and that's to pretend to be the survivalist lecturers expected to give a talk that evening about living for sixteen weeks on a remote Scottish island!

Featuring: Celia Imrie (Jackie); Siân Thomas (Girl on farm); Michael Lumsden (Jamie); Avril Angers (Mim); Michael Nightingale (Daddy); Joan Sims (Susan, the youth hostel warden).

Her character often broke the 'fourth wall' of TV and spoke directly to the camera, but not in every episode.

Bored with the sketch format and with a yearning to recapture previous success as a playwright, Wood came up with six individual sitcoms as a compromise. Though Wood was written as the central character, other lead parts were written with specific actresses in mind, like Julie Walters and Una Stubbs.

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