Whitney port and jay lyon dating

Whitney Port’s husband is not a reality personality like his wife, but he’s connected to reality television.

While Whitney Port’s pregnancy is stealing the spotlight, let’s find out more about her husband in Tim Rosenman’s wiki.

John shared some of his tips for the holiday season.

Because, during the holidays, people start munching on the processed and fried foods and their fitness routine is disturbed.

Jay Lyon also worked as a paralegal at Perez Varela Lawyers during these years.

In 2016 to present, Lyon is a partner in a production company with long time friend and internationally acclaimed artist and photographer Nick Leary.

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"When they worked together, they immediately hit it off and started dating." If this report from the New York Post is correct, Whitney is indeed involved in a New York spin-off of , and seeing some - but the model she went on a date with on the show, named Alex, is not the boyfriend in question.While she was living it up down in Florida, last night's episode of The City featured the fab fashion, gadgets, and usual drama back home in NYC.Diane von Furstenberg made an appearance on the show, but even more interesting was Jay's reaction to Whitney's casual lunch date.Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad starred in The Hills and due to its massive success, MTV launched a spin-off called The City.After the series ended, Port launched her own fashion lone called “Whitney Eve” and moved to New York City to work with Diane Von Furstenberg, which became the focus of The City.

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