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The most common reason why your apps are stuck on waiting on or loading is because of a software glitch on your i Phone or i Pad.To clear this glitch, hold the power button The first reason why your apps are stuck on waiting or loading may because the app is over 100 megabytes.In order to Reset All Settings: You’ll then receive a pop up asking if you want to confirm your decision.Tap on Reset All Settings again in order to confirm your decision.Whenever you’re trying to install an app, you may notice that this blue circle stops moving.In order to try and fix the app that says “Waiting” or “Loading” from the home screen, you can simply tap on this circle in order to cancel the installation.The next thing you can try if none of the steps above have worked is to try and cancel the app that’s stuck on waiting or loading.

When you reset all of your settings, things such as your WI-FI settings, Bluetooth, and wallpapers will all get deleted.One simple way to clear up some storage is to simply delete a ton of useless apps.When you run through all of your apps, look for the ones that you don’t use and make sure you delete them.Every i Phone or i Pad has a certain amount of storage and once this storage is almost full up, you won’t be able to download more apps and your device will constantly crash.In order to check how much storage you have left: Here you’re going to see what is taking up all of the storage within your i Phone.

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