Wealthy professionals dating good response to online dating message

Modeling this correctly would be a little more difficult than just saying % married with degree vs.

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Since women have overtaken men recently from what used to be a pretty significant disparity, that should mean that recent years have seen a significantly higher proportion of women getting college degrees vs. I'm refuting the point that "many more women than men are college educated now". I don't think it's unreasonable to want to date someone that has a similar background to you. Never again will I date someone from a a different socioeconomic class or who has any significant religious beliefs. Was the issue the socioeconomic class or the religious beliefs?Data from https:// though I did some basic math to compare Married Spouse Present Married Spouse Absent vs total population.Outside of major cities, the rate drops substantially.Whereas the elites have always lived an existence far disconnected from the rest of us, now the upper middle class and lower middle class are similarly disconnected from each other.There is a little asterisk under the chart that clarifies that they are talking specifically about FOUR-YEAR DEGREES. There are a lot of people attending community colleges or getting their associate’s degrees. If dating were purely random you’d expect about 11% of marriages to be between partners with degrees, so this figure is perhaps a little lower than what I’d expect but not too far off.

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