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A nice anniversary coincides with the eve of this Saturday's rugby league World Cup final - and an appropriate one for the cousinly and cordial rapprochement between the hemispheres which has adorned the history of the game.On November 24 it will be 55 years since Brian Bevan played his first match for Warrington.Urgent requirement for an experienced Accounts individual who is experienced is using sage to join the business ASAP.

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If a similar skinny eccentric turned up there asking for a trial 55 Novembers on, I daresay they wouldn't even let him near the pitch.Even in my sheltered 1950s west country boyhood, news seeped down of this phenomenon who could jink like a crazed pinball and run like a barmy hare and who weekly for winter after winter thrillingly injected with adrenalin the north's sporting culture and self-esteem.Bevan played at the top level until 1964, when he was almost 40.At 18, the world at war, he was drafted as a stoker on the cruiser Australia. On shore leave, the 21-year-old caught a train to Leeds and asked for a trial.Headingley was totally unimpressed by the skinny tyro, ditto Hunslet two days later.

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