Views on online dating

Consider each question and answer with what IS true, vs. It’s absolutely critical that you be completely honest in answering those questions, as THAT is the basis on which we match you with other singles on our site.To illustrate just how important this is, I’ll share a story: I recently had the good fortune of being on set for our new e Harmony commercial shoot, and talked with our couples.) but we’ve reached the point where we live so much of our lives online that it’s SMART to employ technology to help you find a happy relationship.Some of us go into it assuming it’s not going to work, that it’s going to be a waste of time (and often money) and that we’ll end up ultimately disappointed with the outcome — and still single, to boot.Our service is designed to dig into the things that DO promote long-term satisfaction in relationships, and match you up with others who score similarly in those areas.Even if the profile doesn’t shine with awesome, (and many don’t, since people are notoriously bad at writing about themselves) if we’ve matched you, the potential IS there.In my role at e Harmony, I’ve talked with and observed conversations between thousands of singles via e Harmony’s Facebook page, Twitter, and in other social media outlets and online forums. ) the many ways in which we online daters are our own worst enemies and play a critical role in our own of success.

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There’s virtually no better way to repel great matches than by filling a profile with overt negativity toward the opposite sex, online dating, the dating process, or relationships in general.

) dates that still to this day make me cringe, and have made lasting friendships that thrive today.

I love and believe in online dating…but will be the first to admit that sometimes it ain’t easy!

This process, particularly on e Harmony, is like anything in life: You get out of it what you put into it. Our profiles are “meh” — or, are rife with vagaries and negativities You answered all the questions honestly and filled out your profile/uploaded a few photos. Is it robust and does it include multiple recent photos that accurately convey you as you are TODAY (or at least very recently)? I’ll have to get back to you on that one.”) This is your chance to demonstrate that you’re a good communicator.

You’re getting lots of views to your profile, but no one’s communicating. Clearly none of your matches are serious about this process, they’re all shallow and looking for a man (or a woman) who’s: ______ (insert any one trait you think you don’t possess: richer, taller, thinner, younger, etc. When you’re given an opportunity to be creative and stand out in a positive way, why wouldn’t you take it?

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