Validating server migration

Factors that must be under consideration are: The recommendation here is to provide a test environment that has data points that are immediately before the peak period, has traced transactions and the test Clients reflect actual production. There are several tools on the market to help in this endeavor and we can verify what is right for your environment during the assessment period.These tests are to verify hardware and software compatability.For the remainder of this talk, lets assume we have this valid method of calculating our performance.Ideally this type of testing can be done in parallel with other Testers to allow a measure of concurrence to reduce the testing cycles.You can temporarily override default values in the migrate or validate session.Limit these values to the resources available to the SAP ASE server.

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Many IT Departments have strict testing procedures and will use this opportunity to run reports for data verification.

The simplicity of this method allows the scheme to be used in a variety of ways; not only can we use this in a single instance but we can also determine any load issues by again referring to the duration of each transaction in the group.

Recording the date and time stamps on records might suffice for implementing this method; alternate duration calculations can be done by choosing a unique table that is touched at the beginning of the transaction and a table that is uniquely touched before the commit point of the transaction.

While this is a valid test, the issue is it does not reflect your reality.

Any test used to verify the migration must be routed in reality and not theory.

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