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This is an integral part of the product development phase.Prototypes enable us to test our ideas quickly and cheaply.The answer to what it means to be a Product Designer is constantly evolving.This is my attempt at conveying the breadth, wealth, and utility of this sadly underestimated role.In other words, the right software product was built.The same demonstration can be applied to computer hardware.Similarly, for computer validation one should ask, “What is this computer system intended to do, and how can I ensure that this system meets the requirements? Validation of Computerized Analytical and Networked Systems. ”Successful computer and software validation “best practices” include these steps: Develop a validation master plan, including a glossary and recommendations for risk management; form a validation team with members of all departments who are affected by the computer system; develop a validation project plan, including a risk assessment; develop specifications, including user requirements and functional specifications; design and develop appropriate code, or select a suitable vendor and product; verify the proper installation of the hardware and software; perform functional tests to determine whether the system functions as specified in the functional specifications documents; verify that the system meets the user’s requirement specifications, as defined in the functional specifications documents; develop and implement procedures to check whether the system performs as intended during long-term usage, including planned and unplanned changes; and develop a validation report.

Present her with a problem, and she will go to Analytics and gather existing user data.These people can create and iterate on solutions faster than most. Visual Designers put the skeuomorphism into and then out of i OS. If you’re oohing and aahing over that slick menu transition or the way that awesome loading animation comes alive, it’s these guys who get the credit. Data Analysts are the scientists of Product Design.Graphic or Visual Designers do what everyone who isn’t a designer thinks all designers do. They create beautiful masterpieces of color and depth as they toe the line between positive and negative space. User Researchers are the real champions of users’ needs. They ask the difficult questions, and take all the difficult answers. They manage A/B tests and live products, collecting and making sense of enormous amounts of data. These are the guys who announce the winning concept.In order for what you’re building to ultimately be successful it is imperative that you understand why you’re building it. Especially within the tech industry, it is becoming increasingly important to broaden our skills as designers, embracing ones previously thought superfluous. If you look at your Product Designer as someone that makes your solution look presentable, look again.She is there to help you identify, investigate, and validate the problem, and ultimately craft, design, test and ship the solution.

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