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It is often useful to know that an RDF dataset conforms to some (potentially partial) schema.

This means that data is often captured without conforming to any schema. If your goal is to have working ROMs, it is almost always simpler to download a full ROM collection that has already been verified to match the emulator you chose.Once you begin working with software tools to help validate, rebuild, or filter your ROM collection, you will quickly encounter the need for "DAT" files, so named because they usually (but not always! DATs describe the ROM contents including filenames, file sizes, and checksums to verify contents are not incorrect or corrupt.To examine the nonzero values for troubleshooting purposes, they largely map to those defined in Winerror.h.However, several of its possible return values are based on pre-Win32 error codes, which in some cases overlap the later Winerror.h values without matching their meaning.

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