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If you have all of this, then you are ready to begin upgrading your PS3 hard drive! Now that you have decided to upgrade the PS3 hard drive and have all the required tools and materials, you are ready to back up the content on the PS3 to a removable USB hard drive.When I did my backup I used a Maxtor 80 gigabyte USB hard drive, but any USB hard drive with enough space will do.Now turn your attention to the shiny, blue screw in the middle.That little guy is what's holding the hard drive tray in place.

The console settings, online IDs and so forth are retained in the PS3's flash memory, so there is no need to copy this content.I recommend keeping the original PS3 hard drive in a safe place, in the event anything goes wrong with your PS3 I do not know how their support team will react to an upgraded hard drive, so you'll be able to swap it to the factory original before sending it in for repair, etc.Your Play Station 3 is not connected to the internet? You can download and transfer the update file (PS3UPDAT.Upgrading the hard drive may void your warranty, so do so at your own risk. In the picture below you will see a screwdriver, a notebook SATA 160GB hard drive (you can use any size, but use a 5400RPM drive), and an external USB hard drive, you'll need the hard drive if you wish to save content from the old PS3 hard drive.The first step is making sure you have a nice, clean, safe area to work and that you have the above materials and tools.

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