Updating database stored procedure dwp backdating claims

There are three ways of returning data from a procedure to a calling program: result sets, output parameters, and return codes.This topic provides information on the three approaches.

First, open a connection to My SQL server by creating a new package org.mysqltutorial; import

USE Adventure Works2012; GO IF OBJECT_ID(' Get Employee Sales YTD', ' P') IS NOT NULL DROP PROCEDURE Get Employee Sales YTD; GO CREATE PROCEDURE Get Employee Sales YTD AS SET NOCOUNT ON; SELECT Last Name, Sales YTD FROM Sales.

Sales Person AS sp JOIN Human Resources.v Employee AS e ON e. Business Entity ID RETURN GO If you specify the OUTPUT keyword for a parameter in the procedure definition, the procedure can return the current value of the parameter to the calling program when the procedure exits.

To save the value of the parameter in a variable that can be used in the calling program, the calling program must use the OUTPUT keyword when executing the procedure.

For more information about what data types can be used as output parameters, see CREATE PROCEDURE (Transact-SQL).

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