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I call VZW the first thing they ask is "When did you last update your phone?

It seems to be their band-aid and a kiss solution to get you to leave them alone.

Select the appropriate account type below and follow the step-by-step instructions for account setup.

Don't worry if you haven't already set up your AT&T online wireless acount. You may also purchase AT&T Micro Cell at a conveniently located AT&T retail store.

I seem to remember people talking a while ago about a code you type on your BB to update the cell tower locations.

My friend has an 8703e and is having trouble receiving voice mail notifications and his signal seems screwy.

These were removed one by one with PRL updates as Verizon built out their coverage.

Would this code also work with other phones on Verizon?

it never used to do that with the older phones Unless I am mistaken, *22899 actually activates/programs your phone (part of this process is pulling the most current PRL).

and is a one step way of doing *228 and selecting 1 to activate. I can believe that re-activating your phone doesn't cause any problems, but i'm still not doing it on my phone ;)I do a *228 every time I happen to think of it.

I thought this code might help but I can't remember exactly what to type. the code to dial is *228 and honestly, if he's having connection problems, it most likely isn't because of that.

Would this code also work with other phones on Verizon? you really won't notice much of a difference with the *228 unless you are on the fringes of VZW's expansion locations, where they are adding new towers and new coverage, or making new roaming agreements, etc oh ok, thanks for that info. hmm, i can't even remember when the last time i used that was.

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