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The morality choices were gone, fixing you on a path of light, which meant many of the Force powers were no longer available.

But what you got instead was a far greater emphasis on the light sabre, realising it as one of the most exciting in-game weapons ever, along with a depth of narrative that was – at this point – rare in the FPS genre.

Developer – Hi-Rez Studios Publisher – Hi-Rez Studios How we hissed from afar at a free-to-play reinvention of a long-running, jetpack-based shooter series which many professed to love but few kept playing.

Where can I buy it: It’s free to play the basic version from the official site, or the paid Game Of The Year Edition will get you all the non-cosmetic unlocks.

What else should I be playing if I like this: A pre-Bio Shock Irrational worked on Tribes: Vengeance, which you should look up if you want singleplayer jetpacks.

Notes: Please be sure to play the campaign through to the end, because you’ll unlock the Ragtime Mode, which remains the best thing ever. What else should I be playing if I like this: An infinite number of other Call of Duties, I guess.

There’s also the Battlefield series, now COD’s arch-rival.

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