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Reply There is no way around this – all the reporting is done through the software dashboard.

There is no reason to be concerned about this – you have sole access to your data, they could technically look at it but why?

Reply Hi Susan, Really great information you are providing.Actually saving many people to be trapped in scams. I wanna knw if I can install two programs (let’s say Stealth & Mobile Spy) on one target phone?Will they work simultaneously still producing max results or would they conflict to each other? Do the companies selling spy software inform authorities who bought them.i must have changed some setting because now every time i turn my phone on about 5minutes after its up and running the sim say’s it wants to send a text and wants my permission …………. i would like to know what program i can run to find out if some one is playing with my phone and who or what soft ware is being used on me ………this possible ???Reply With some programs you can actually send texts as if they are from the target phone – but this does not sound like your situation.

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