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Cruelty, indeed, was a vice, of which the greateft characters of that age cannot be wholly acquitted j witnefs the carnage, conflagrations, famine, peltilence, and ruin, that attended boththofc illuftrious Edwards in all their warlike expeditions. Bifcay, Caftro de Ordoales, Bilboa, and all the in- termediate countries, in a formal treaty, figned and ratified at Libourne.

mended; but, furely,his engaging to reftore fuch a thereftow- monfter of cruelty and injuftice to the throne from the" which he had been lo juftly expelled, was an inde^ Hj ns lible ftain in that character which had fo long ihone with unrivalled luftre.

The prince's fcheme in favour of Pedro is not even free from the fuipicion of interefted motives. The prince of Wales raifed all the money he could borrow, and melted down his plate for the fervice ; and Pedro fatisfied the Gafcon no- bility with promifes of large fums for the levy- money, and pay of their forces.

Edward having obferved their order from a hill which lay between him and the enemy, commanded the duke of Lan- cafter and John de Chandos to diimount their horie- men, and attack the right of the Spaniards under Guefclin, whom they accordingly charged with great impetuofity, at the head of the freebooting companies , but, they met with fuch a warm re- ception, that the difpute continued a long time with dubious fuccefs. the marefchal de Andrehan, advanced to join the Edward prince of Wales and the king of Majorca.Pedro's in- All the prifoners would have been put to death, Ereftorer!had not tne P r i nce of Wales interceded warmly in their behalf with Pedro, who was prevailed upon to be reconciled with them, on their receiving the oath of allegiance ; and to publifh a general amnefty to all his fubjects.Disclaimer: All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.We have a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.

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