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But now that some time has passed, Joe and Taylor's split seems to be water under the bridge.In a recent interview with 94.7 FM, the Jonas Brother insisted Taylor's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" song was not written about him. "Taylor does pop music really well and I'm happy for her." star and Taylor never confirmed their romance in 2010, though there's plenty of photographic evidence that they enjoyed spending solo time together. " Oh, just running through your romantic history, Taylor.Whatever happened—we should know more when her next album comes out—here's hoping Styles doesn't leave Swift too "Haunted."With Styles reportedly taking his place in the pantheon, let's take a trip down memory lane and see who stands out in Swift's rapidly expanding hall of exes:1.John Mayer: Taylor collaborated with John on his 2009 song "Half of My Heart." From what pop culture has managed to piece together, it wasn't long after that the twosome began quietly dating, only to end. Flash to 2010, when Taylor released "Dear John," a scathing ballad trashing the eponymous man for playing "dark twisted games" with girls' hearts.Then after the 2 were cast we began getting pictures of them onset WTF IS SHE DOING LOL And then about 2 months later he presented her the best female music video award at the VMAS in September 2009 But then, in October 2009 they were first spotted on their 1st official date WHY YOU HIDIN TAYLOR L?That same month they were confirmed as a couple: People Magazine Outs Taylor Squared’s Love Story Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are officially dating, according to People Magazine.She writes songs," he added in a Facebook Live interview after confirming Swift wrote a song about him.

The 24-year-old actor confirmed the 34-year-old singer once attempted to set him up with Jaime Lynn Spears after "Can I tell a little secret? "Britney tried to fix Taylor up with her sister one time.

"It was a good time," Lautner told Entertainment Tonight at the time.

"It was a fun few months there." "That's what she does.

"I never disclose who my songs are about," she stated. Jake Gyllenhaal: Who could forget Taylor and Jake's brief but intense romance back in late 2011?

Whether they were giggling over ice cream or sipping maple syrup lattes in Brooklyn, this hip duo was anything but shy when it came to the PDAs.

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