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After receiving threats, it's up to Jo to figure out who would want to hurt the person she loves most in this world. Shocked and caught off guard by this new revelation, Blair finds herself seeing her best friend in a new light.

Can their friendship overcome the obstacles ahead and create an even deeper bond that neither woman would have anticipated? In an alternate Season 5 universe, Jo and Blair begin ultra-posh Langley College with financial pressures and growing feelings for each other.

Jo comes back into Blair's life unexpectedly and two women renew their friendship, which deepens when tragedy strikes Blair's family.

This tragedy tears Blair's marriage apart, and Jo is on hand to help pick up the pieces, as they try to ignore undercurrents of attraction of a different kind.

While Jo is quick to take charge of the situation, Blair's motherhood fantasies are dashed by the demands of caring for a real infant.

Jo and Blair are very unhappy reviewers while watching LG Episode 5, Dead Lucky.

You see the balancing act being examined in the show due to the fact that once impoverished characters are placed in a wealthy environment.

When Allison disappears, Jo, Blair, Natalie, and Tootie must take care of Allison's baby.

It's been three years since the girls have moved on with their lives. With nosy servants and well-meaning family and friends at every turn, can Jo and Blair find true love before classes start? From Eastland to Langley, Manhattan to the South Bronx, it seems like everyone is keeping secrets - especially Jo and Blair. Jo and Blair are ready to come out to Natalie and Tootie, and a Halloween house party seems like the perfect opportunity.

After Blair's mother drops a bombshell, can the musketeers sort fact from fiction and keep friendship and love alive? Sparks fly and mysteries abound as Jo and Blair prepare to drop their masks. It's the mother of all Turkey Days when the musketeers' moms bring the good, the bad and the ugly to the holiday festivities.

Once placed in this environment, they struggle to adapt.

In a time of need, Blair reaches out to the one person she has come to trust most in her life. Jo can't keep her secret any longer once Tootie thanks both her and Blair at a televised award ceremony for her role as a lesbian in her most recent film.

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