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Still, it's a very powerful card and deserves a spot in any cube.I guess I love cards that force you to interact and radically revise your game plan.I've personally cast Tangle Wire, and copied it with Phyrexian Metamorph to gain multiple turns, allowing me to drop a huge threat to stabilize.

The fact that you will always untap one more than your opponent, combined with the fact that you can tap Tangle Wire itself ensures you a massive tempo advantage.

When I play tangle wire, or when it's played against me, it just reminds me of the fantasy element of magic.

Some cards overdo it and are too crazy, some cards don't do it enough and are too prosaic, but this card is just right.

I honestly don't know how else to describe it.


Great in Tinker/Welder as an enabler and speed bump, great in control for mananaging boards before you find a sweeper, great in aggro for locking down the control player while you Jackal Pup them to death, great in Stax/Taxes, extremely good alongside other LD effects like Strip Mine or Rishadan Port, and even does reasonable work in Wildfire/Balance type decks.A lot of complaints people have nowadays regarding art or card design is that the card doesn't "feel" like it should (for example, "this doesnt "feel like a mythic rare") or the art is too generic ("Oh all the art is so computerized it just doesn't feel special").Tangle wire, particularly with the from the vault art, really helps me become engaged with the game.Although a lot of the time Tangle Wire might as well be Armageddon if you are already behind and under pressure, but the card's power level is more to blame rather than its design. Honestly the advantage it gives and its purpose are pretty cut and dry.For me, personally, what I love about tangle wire isn't just its effectiveness, but its "".

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