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And as another option, are you actually able to see into the slot canyons on a boat tour? – Day 1 leaving Cottonwood, AZ, leisurely driving through Sedona and taking in the sites and getting to Horseshoe bend before Sunset, staying overnight in Page.

Day 2 early morning antelope caynon tour (just one tour, but probably lower, depending on your answer to question above), lunch at cameron trading post, then through the grand canyon, mostly stops at different viewpoints but not too much hiking/walking around because of grandpa, drive to flagstaff with enough time to hit up the lowell observatory for a couple hours (we have free tix).

You are proposing to visit over the New Year’s Eve holiday, which is a busy time of year in Northern Arizona tourist destinations.

Good luck and safe travels, Alley 🙂 Reply Dear Dooie Kim, Hi and thank you for your inquiry today.

These items are included in the price and are NOT free! I was a ' MD' and they stole many of thousands of dollars from me as an employee. They hire new ' MD's' every week, send them to CA for training, and most only last, at the most, 1 month.

I would be happy to share more details with you, if you would like.

If one or more of your party members has mobility issues and might be hard-pressed to manage the stairs, then Upper would be the better choice as the trail is only 100 yards long and fairly flat. Alley 🙂 Reply Hi Ryan & Alley, Thanks so much for this website post and answering all of the comments so thoroughly. So we’re planning a trip to Northern AZ in a couple weeks and at the last minute discovered Antelope Canyon and decided to make a detour there.

Or, you could opt to have lunch beforehand and take the tour that departs at PM. ) Flying into Phoenix, landing at 12 Any tips on how I should work this? 1st – Antelope canyon and Horseshoe bend (anthing else to do? Drive to Sedona (Anything to do since it is evening time). 3rd – Bright Angel Hike, maybe walk about town/Tusayan. Sunset takes place at about PM that time of year, so you won’t have much daylight to work with. If you opt to tour both Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend on the 1st, try to get your sightseeing done by about - PM so you don’t get caught driving after dark. As to how busy it will be, that remains to be seen, but using 2017 as a gauge, it won’t be uncrowded by any means. In answer to your questions, early March is a fine time for taking pictures in Antelope Canyon, as well as at Horseshoe Bend and Lake Powell.They also will offer 'free item' such as new garage doors, new exterior lights, design work i.e.scallops in gables, new glass screen doors, an address plaque, shutters, the list goes on.

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