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Or, maybe it was just the tequila making me feel sentimental about getting older.

Either way, stay tuned for the next chapter of my dating exploration.

On Wednesday, I was invited to host a speed dating night for people in their late thirties and early forties on behalf of Date in a Dash.

In my mind, it would be the equivalent of an impromptu Mad Men office party: suave men in suits and beautiful ladies in expensive shoes, each with his or her own black Amex.

‘I love seeing new faces and the progression people make from the initial nervousness to actual flirting,’ he says.

‘It’s up to me to make that happen, by being as welcoming as I can.’ Together, Tom and I scope out the venue, set up table numbers and chat through the night’s events before the guests arrive.

Although, you’d think the wine-fuelled speech I made at my brother’s wedding a couple of years ago would have taught me that already.

Secondly, when in doubt, charm the bar manager into giving you free tequila shots.

A lot of swipes left, with a golden trump card hidden somewhere beyond the pervy, suggestive and the strange.My co-host for the evening was Tom, a tall, assertive man who has worked with Rob Ryall, founder of Date in a Dash, for three years.He’s also an actor, so commanding a room comes naturally to him.So then, why did I have an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach on the Tube ride home?Generally, my love interests tend to be older than I am, somewhere in their thirties. So why did these men, all aged between 35 to 44 years, seem so much older?

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