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360-degree surveillance shows the woman on a shopping spree."They bought gas, she bought a pocket knife, latex gloves, they bought some cigarettes,” said Lindell.

“You can see her actually holding the victim’s wallet.”About an hour later, the couple is caught on video at a Walmart in Atmore, where Lindell says they attempted to spend hundreds of dollars, but the transaction was denied."They tried to buy a TV, a rug, and other household goods."Lindell says credit card records show the couple went to two other gas stations and a Dollar General."Both are frequenting locations in Perdido and Atmore that they seem to be familiar with, so we feel like they are from that area,” said Lindell.

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Her parents had pulled her out of school, and when she began to show they sent her away to a home in Kentucky, where she lived with two Mennonite spinsters, as lumpen and sexless as sacks of horse feed, and a dozen other “girls in trouble.” They were housed in a converted antebellum mansion on top of a hill outside Lexington, but there was nothing in any way grand about the place.

She glimpsed the child, a girl, only briefly, as they carried it away, still bloody, its mouth a tiny black O of perfect accusation. Wilson watched the news in Nashville and tried to recall the morning that the stolen girl had disappeared, but instead she remembered the violently blue eyes above the mask of the nurse who had leaned over her as she cried for them to bring back her baby.

“Now, sweetheart,” the woman said, “you know you can’t take care of a baby.”A week after the baby was born, Mrs. Her family pretended that nothing had changed, but, of course, everything had.

Its parquet floors had been covered with gray institutional linoleum, which, although it was spotless, the spinsters forced them to scrub every day.

The girls understood that the endless scrubbing was a punishment of sorts, part of the deal that their parents had struck with the operators of the home, something to make the girls “think twice” the next time they considered climbing into the back seat of a car with a boy. Wilson’s baby came, she was not allowed to hold it.

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