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It’s a way of making a product that’s likely to work—not a fill-in-the-blanks method of screenwriting.” Then Suderman goes on to state his own theme, namely: Maybe that’s what Snyder intended. In practice, Snyder’s beat sheet has taken over Hollywood screenwriting.

And some people think those books are the reason Hollywood makes bad movies.

Chapter 10 is entitled: “Why Does Almost Every Studio Movie Suck Donkey Balls? It turns out to be the same reason so many independent movies suck donkey balls.

It’s the reason most TV and most novels suck donkey balls. Suderman characterizes Snyder’s work as “essentially a minute-to-minute movie formula.” And he admits that “Snyder would almost certainly dispute this characterization, [saying] that [the ] beat sheet is a structure, not a formula, one based in time-tested screen-story principles.

As a former studio executive with MGM who has worked on lots of movies, some which turned out better than expected and some which turned out worse, I understand where Suderman is coming from.

My favorite criticism of the studio system can be found in ).

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