Sex dating in shields kansas

A slight decrease in premarital sex was noted in the Abma report during more recent years.The percent of sexually experienced teenage girls ages 15 to 19 dropped from 49% in 1997 to 46% in 2002.Based on seven studies, they concluded that peer influences were the most significant predictors of adolescent sexual behavior.

The model revealed that friends’ sexual experience was the strongest predictor of girls’ sexual initiation.This ­theory accounted for two-thirds of the variance in sexual activity among these young people.This variance is very high for social science research and provides powerful support for the importance of peers.The emphasis on sexuality in general society and in the media messages bombarding teenagers will ensure that their level of sexual activity will remain high (Levin & Kilbourne, 2008).These frightening trends generate questions about how Latter-day Saint teens are faring in this morally polluted environment.

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