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In he views our potential love of robots and AI as an extension of the affection people show towards their pets, phones, vehicles, or other non-human constructs.Like Gibson, Levy naturally acknowledges that this is all a bit weird and at least initially, will come with a certain layer of social stigma and judgment.Yet, physicality is a part of love that shouldn’t be ignored and what fun would this article be if we didn’t get a bit mechanically depraved?First, to anyone who feels as though the idea of having sex with a machine is ignoble and disgusting, I’ll only briefly point to the multi-billion dollar global vibrator industry to highlight that we as a society seem to have no qualms about fucking machines.

Reports have hypothesized the disappearance of smaller towns, the shrinking of national workforce, a risk of economic collapse, and in extreme scenarios, the extinction of an entire nation and culture.

Moreover, they have created a cartoon-virtual environment and, using an Oculus Rift, are able to essentially immerse the user in a VR cartoon porn with them as the male co-star.

I’d describe the system further, however, it’s near impossible to do knowing that my family reads these articles and there are some hilarious videos on the internet of nerds getting mechanical handjobs at tech conferences that I’d rather you see for yourself.

Since these early works, countless pieces have been written by sci-fi authors over the years detailing robots developing emotions and falling in love with their engineering creators or vice-versa (and yes, the engineers also had to develop emotions).

One of my personal favourites is William Gibson’s where an aging rock star falls in love with a bodiless synthetic personality (artificial intelligence) and much hilarity and drama ensues.

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