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Carry a photocopy of your passport as identification at all times.

The use of illegal drugs carries stiff penalties, including fines and long prison terms.

And finding a job in Uzbekistan is practically impossible.

" On March 30, Armenian law enforcement officials arrested 39-year-old citizen of Uzbekistan Natella Saghatelyan in a Yerevan apartment belonging to Nshan Zakaryan. Saghatelyan had been transporting Uzbek girls from Armenia to Dubai.

In Yerevan, they were met by Maria and Samvel Zakaryan, Nshan Zakaryan's brother.

The girls were to stay in Nshan's apartment until they left for Dubai.

Don’t photograph sites such as military bases, equipment and installations.

These are considered sensitive areas and visitors have been detained and questioned while attempting to photograph them.

The fact, that media is interested in the topic is important but for the result they need to use framings to be more effective and influence of the behaviour Usually in Armenia, the family for the first baby wants to have boy. ‘’Boy continue the family and inherit the property.

Three Uzbek girls, Niginabons Maghidova, Lola Abdulaeva, and Maria Khmelyova, managed to leave for Dubai; 17-year-old Karina Yeremyan is still in Yerevan. Lola Abdulaeva was carrying a fake passport and was caught by immigration officials in Dubai, who held her in the airport for five days and then sent her back to Yerevan.

And since Maria Khmelyova was a close friend of Lola Abdulaeva's, she returned with her, though she hadn't had any passport problems herself.

And if in the family first babe is girl, it seems that family has no head.’’ ‘’Baby boy is the strength of the family. This are the phrases that families are using before the abortion. The presented data always compare the numbers and express the difference of born girls and boys. People can see, what risk we can have in the near future.

This numbers make the NGO’s and just ordinary people make some campaign and raise the awareness.

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