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Truth be told it’s more inviting that I ever thought it would be. I can still remember how frigid and half-hearted the goodbyes were.

Karma and I never spoke after our last conversation. Surprisingly, the only person who saw me off was, you guessed it, Jessica. I glare around my abode, realizing that everything is mine.

Mark Johannson & Seth Omega Main Event C-4 Championship Match Chris Austin © vs. Smitten* To all currently listed in the random allotment section of the Tag Scramble and ALL THOSE WHO STILL WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN IT, please include a BOLD title above your promo in your post saying that you are wanting to be randomly paired with another writer. A crisp, cool morning is the perfect time to get a morning run in. Haven’t been able to consistently have this time to myself, just to reflect, just me and the road upon which I run. None of it matters now because it’s just me and the road.

Skyler Striker Contract on the Line Series, Match 3Leon Caprice & Apostasy vs. I’ve got cases I at least get to delegate so I can try to crack an even tougher one, a witness for said case who may or may not talk…and just life in general.

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My own place, much like me, is quite a cold, empty vessel. Random Partnering Allotment Group*Anwyl Trey Spruance Son of Shark Boy Hidden Entrant Kamal Craig Ryans Christian Parkes Cactus Sam vs. Two, it allows me to completely surround myself with things that only I care about. The fun part is that either you already know it, or you’ve yet to find that out. The thing that really piques my interest is that because of my daily night walks, I know this road like the back of my hand. I can see the path in my mind so much so that I have no real need for sight right now. Either that or I really needed to get in better shape, ha-ha…Being the student of the game is a hard job. For one, I get to embarrass people in front of the world.He sees too many faces, takes too many shots to the head and all of that.But it’s better than what we got now, especially with that strand of hair belonging to some random woman we strung up for prostitution a few months back.

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