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Among them: exponential growth in funding for immigration programs tied to homeland security and reinvigoration of sidetracked or long-delayed immigration initiatives (such as the development of an entry-exit system and the launch of the 287[g] federal-state immigration enforcement partnership). Boy Scouts Merit Badge has a good listing of outstanding Hispanics in a variety of fields. Garcia's daughter Wanda and his cousin Amador Garcia, who is the foundation's chairman, are on the board.

"One of the most important and less-examined developments of the post-9/11 era has been the birth of a new generation of interoperable databases that exist at the intersection of intelligence and law enforcement, supporting programs such as US-VISIT," said MPI Senior Fellow and fact sheet co-author Doris Meissner, who was commissioner of the U. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) during the 1990s. Mini-bios easy to incorporate into any activity for Hispanic Heritage Month. That reputation has left the foundation inactive the past two years, Amador Garcia said.

Villarreal, chair of the NCLR Board of Directors from 2001 to 2004. There were concerns that the statue possibly needed to be moved into a climate-controlled environment to avoid further deterioration. In addition, there exists a vast body of data, in print, film, and on the internet that is available about the U. role in warfare by historians and in personal accounts. Latino Patriots, was developed by the Center for Latino Initiatives after discussion with Hispanic veterans, current and former colleagues, and educators in Latino Studies.

This award is presented each year to an individual or organization that has shown outstanding support for NCLR's mission, goals, and philosophy. Deborah Hamlyn, deputy city manager, said at the meeting that water that once spouted over the statue apparently did the worst damage. The infamous surprise attack on the people and government of the U. on September 11, 2001, underlines the need to honor the contribution of American heroes, both civilian as well as military, who are ready to come to the defense of this great nation and give their lives if necessary. An international war against terrorism has begun against an elusive and deadly enemy, the Al Queda network. They have all identified the need to recognize and document the military record of Hispanics and/or Latinos in U. history, noting the relative absence of this record in state and national museums and archives.

The Raul Yzaguirre President's Award was given to Jos H. Or his grave at Seaside Memorial Park, where each year friends and family honor his life. In its original design, SWA had done away with the statue amid concerns that it was in poor condition due to exposure from the elements. However, our research indicates the contribution of Latino patriots is relatively unknown."We congratulate Mary's Center, Maria Otero, Jorge Muoz, Ignacio Lozano, Jr., Tom Flores, and Jos Villarreal and thank them for being an inspiration to us all." Mary's Center, the recipient of NCLR's Affiliate of the Year Award, is a federally qualified health center in the District of Columbia that served more than 18,000 clients from over 40 countries in 2010. A DAUGHTER'S PERSPECTIVE-THE 1960'S (March 2010) 45. "I don't know why there is a discussion, except that people are afraid to talk about race because it reminds us of how much more we need to do," said Valadez, who lives in New York City.Mary's Center provides immigrants with services such as prenatal care, home visits, family planning, and primary care for children and adolescents, as well as help with school and job placement. "If people are afraid to see the marker there, maybe it's a commentary on us. Patients stood in line at his office, sometimes all day, to see Garcia who didn't take appointments. It wasn't uncommon to see some of the community's poorest people sitting next to some of the area's most influential political leaders.He has fed up to 140 day laborers in his Queens neighborhood seven days per week for the past seven years. "Think of the thousands of people who go through those doors.His nonprofit, An Angel in Queens, operates on little more than what he can spare from his weekly paycheck as a school bus driver, a few donations from local restaurants, and the help of his family. It would be meaningful." Garcia's daughters both said they are open to that idea.

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