Rules of dating an 18 year old datingsitesecret com

He can no longer use our car, since he drives it high, which so far he has not ignored.

He is not respecting you and what you have worked to do.

5) Clean your room and do your laundry once a week.

We pay all his expenses, within reason we give him money when he asks, since this was part of the agreement we made, if he attends college = all his classes, since working and going to school would be too much for him.

We are having our son re-evaluated at Johns Hopkins Psychiatry Department this coming week to make sure nothing else has developed, and our son is willing to go. One of my friends and her husband did that to their son, who has the same developmental delay.

I'm not sure you will like what I have to say, but I do ask that you give it some thought before reacting.

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