Robin wright dating

The only exception is Amy Vining, who causes friction between Monica and Carly. Carly slowly works her way in to the Spencer family and uses Tony to her advantage to get in to the nursing program.

Carly begins to slowly seduce Tony and the two kiss on Bobbie's birthday.

She applies for a position at General Hospital as a physical therapist.

After a brief discussion with Ruby Anderson she gets a room at Kelly's Diner.

She is later kidnapped from Ric's home by Lorenzo Alcazar.

Lorenzo develops feelings for her while he is holding her on his yacht.

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Michael and Robin were both kidnapped by Tony Jones.After a while Carly decides she is ready to hold Michael and Bobbie drives her to the Port Charles Hotel where Michael is at dinner with Jason and his godparents, Emily and Mike.Carly hold Michael and reveals in front of everyone that she was really Caroline Benson, the daughter Bobbie had given up for adoption as a teenager.Carly soon befriends Monica Quartermaine, who introduces her to the entire hospital staff.The rest of the staff also seem pleased with Carly. Quartermaine and begins a sexual relationship with his brother, Jason, after meeting him at Jake's.

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