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Some women choose to forego parenthood, only to be catapulted into serious regret as they got older. I have nothing but admiration for mothers, even awe.

I recall how much better a Protestant church handled Mother’s Day a few years ago, prior to my going in the Catholic direction.The more that the Catholic Church allows the culture in, the more damage occurs. Regardless of what I am doing — whether writing or not — I will tell you one thing, and that is for certain. But I will never, ever — and I mean never — abandon Jesus Christ.We have seen this quite horrifyingly in what happened after Vatican II. Nor His true church, which is the Roman Catholic Church.It doesn’t matter what shenanigans are pulled on me by the bullies that surround us.In a world of great uncertainty, in the end, Almighty God is all that we have.

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    You can be that crazy dude who lives under a bridge and rides a bicycle with garbage bags full of tin cans hanging off the back, but as long as you’re “Japanese,” you’re good to go. Afterwards, I go to a bar, and every week, sure as hell, someone will approach me and say, “Wow, let’s speak English together! People are massively impacted by their environment and the people around them. The place was packed full of about thirty guys and gals in dark suits all sitting alone in silence, eating and reading manga or staring at their smartphones with glazed eyes.

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    I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc., so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing.

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    If you're new to the world of Hampshire dating, finding Hampshire singles for Hampshire dates can prove to be a difficult venture.