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2 Commencement Program 5 Profiles 6 University Trustees 8 History of Northwestern 9 Schools OF THE University 10 Seating Charts 11 Academic Procession and Dress 12 Emeritus Faculty 13 Honorary Degrees 14 Undergraduate Degrees* Judd A. Pierson Phillip Arthur Saltzman Ernest Saudjana Ryan George Schneider Brandon Christopher Sears Simcha L. Skaruppa Karl Kristofer Stensvad Anthony Michael Swanson Bachelor of Science Summa cum Laude Lauren Ann Anderson Steven Dale Black David Fang Kenrick Guo Alexander Bin Hu Marie Claire Kyle Beth Ann Lopour James Richard Newell Ernest Saudjana Matthew J. Williams Bachelor of Science Magna cum Laude Jeffrey Martin Albert Carl Benjamin Allen Daniel Mc Connell Aukes Jerry Shang Chen William Mc Clean Davidson Timothy Welles Gaylord Daniel Kunio Honbo Diane Soo Kyung Kim Blake William Kirchner Weisheng Lee Amun Makani Erin June Martens Derek Lewis Norton Erin Alexandra Orawski Daniel Saddawi-Konef Tca Derek James Shiell Simcha L. Supple Ryan Loren Vukelich Jie Zhu Bachelor of Science cum Laude Surajit Bhaduri Steven Werner Bild Nora Jean Colligan Patrick Heyer Dillon Michelle Ann Ehlert Donald Brian Fong Nathan Fitzgerald Freeman 72 Thomas Gregory Haggerty Brian |. Hall Aaron Michael Johnson Jeffrey James Kuna Marisa Lynn Lattanzi Steven Adam Lieberman Terrence J.and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences 16 School of Communication 20 School of Education and Social Policy 22 Robert R. Olid W ricr Deri w, ouiiquisr Life Trustees naroiu d. Linz lason Steven Lorentzen W illiam Joseph Mc Carty Katherine Anne Mc Feely Hossein Mirheydar Phihp A. Pierson Mehnda Ratz Phillip Arthur Saltzman Brandon Christopher Sears Joseph Eugene Shields Henry Shih Karl Kristofer Stensvad Carey A.The full text of the University motto, adopted on June 17, 1890, is from the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Philippians, chapter 4, verse 8 (King James Version). Kinsinger Jeffrey James Kuna Marisa Lynn Lattanzi Steven Adam Lieberman Terrence J.NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY ^^y Vhatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Linz Beth Ann Lopour Jason Steven Lorentzen Amun Makani William Joseph Mc Carty Katherine Anne Mc Feely Hossem Mirheydar James Richard Newell Erin Alexandra Orawski Elliot Richard Parsons Kawika P. Carey Galen Anthony Cohen Emily Boone Hagenmaier Sara Louise Margaret Kamalski Angela M. Gotaas Undergraduate Research Award Jennifer Bolos Mc Connick School Alumni Award Shinie Shaw Eta Kappa Nu Caitlyn Hyiin E. Doris Christopher Lake Erickson David Fang Matthew A. Thomas Bachelor of Science in Education and Social Policy Magna cum Laude Erin Elizabeth Burke Caitlin Davitt Grace Hong Julie Marie Maslowsky Kaitlin Ames Young Bachelor of Science in Education and Social Policy cum Laude Kathryn N.

They founded and are active in the Pathways Center for Children and the Pathways Awareness Foundation, dedicated to serving the needs and interests of children and young people with physical- movement difficulties. Ryan received a bachelor's degree in business from Northwestern in 1959. Wall Cl Rr\/'in S Rpi H Tr uiydii o, ivciu Jl- • Tlp Ni^f'a \i T Ti Prn "a O C UCu(jl all L. Ravneberg Katharine Corter Templin Carrie Kelly Seim Bachelor of Science in journalism Summa cum Laude Jennifer Cloe Aronoff Annie Lynn Clemens Deborah Leah Hirsch Katherine Ann Koss Christina T.

The Feinberg School of Medicine, established in 1859 as the Medical School, offers the degrees of doctor of medicine, doctor of physical therapy, and bachelor of science in medicine. Multi- plexed Two-Wave Mixing Interferometry; Sridhar Krishnaswamy, adviser. Yiftach Eisenberg, BS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1999; MS, North- western University, 2001. Energy Efficiency and the Role of Quality Metrics in Wireless Video Communications; Aggelos Katsaggelos, adviser. Komornicki Bachelor of Philosophy in Communication cum Laude Anna C. Ludwig Henry Mario Martone Caitlin Mitchell Lauren Nagel-Werd Jennifer Lynn Probst Heather Joyce Redding Jacob Philip Reitan Laura E. Williams Bachelor of Science in Communication cum Laude Mallika Agarwalla Benjamin J.

Cole 1 n n Iprfn/ 1 r^nic juilll JCiiiy JUUUlj Stanton R. The school also offers the Master of Laws International Executive Master's Program in South Korea. In addition to the full-time program, Kellogg also offers the evening Managers' Program on the Chicago campus, the weekend Executive Master's Program on the Evanston campus, and the International Executive Master's Program in Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, and Israel. Adam Lee Duhachek, BA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1999; MS, North- western University, 2002. An Investigation into Consumer Coping Processes; Dawn lacobucci, adviser. Materials Science, Integration, and Performance Characterization of High- Dielectric Constant Thin Film Based Devices; Robert P. Menezes Joel Eric Petrilla Lily Rabe Jessica Lauren Scholl Tiffany Gray Westlie Agnes Nixon Playwriting Awards Alix Fenhagen Kathryn Jordan Hines Outstanding Senior Theatre Awards Tara Michelle Howard Thomas Corlett Higgins II Michael Sterling Mahler Meghan Amato O'Halloran Ema Yamagata Winifred Ward Award Magdalyn Margaret Griffith Dance Program Awards Dance Departmental Excellence Awards Chelsea Christine Hurlburt Jordan Sands Kahl Meghan Amato O'Halloran Diana M. Stewart Alpha Sigma Lambda Gloria Grace Coco Ann M. Mussa-Ivaldi Cynthia Denise Naugles Bachelor of Philosophy in Communication Summa cum Laude Gloria Grace Coco Bachelor of Philosophy in Communication Magna cum Laude Ann M. Scherr Jennifer Rosanne Topolosky ' Danielle Lucille Uhlarik Matthew D.

Lawrence Vernon Snyder, BA, Amherst College, 1996; MS, Northwestern Uni- versity, 1999. Supply Chain Robustness and Reliability: Models and Algorithms; Mark S. Eli Daniel Sone, BS, University of Toronto, 1998; MS, Northwestern University, 1999. Self-Assembly and Mineralization of Supraniolecular Nano- structures; Samuel L Stupp, adviser. Sorensen, BA, University of Florida, 1996; MA, 1998. Social and Biological Determinants of Cardio- vascular Risk among Urban and Rural Indigenous Siberians: The Impact of Socioeconomic Upheaval; William Leonard, adviser. Christopher William Wahle, BS, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1992; MS, 1994. Gas-Solid Non- equilibrium in Filtration Combustion; Bernard J. Lisa Jean Walker, AB, University of Michigan, 1985; MA, Columbia University, 1990. From Science Fair to Project-Based Science: A Study of the Implementation of an Innovation through an Existing Activity System; Louis M. Lihua Olivia Wang, BEcon, Nankai Univer- sity, 1991; MBA, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1996. Alliance or Acquisition: A Dyadic Perspective on Interfirm Resource Combinations; Edward J. Randal Bruce Ross Watson, BEcon, Australian National University, 1990; MEcon, Osaka University, 1994. Competition in Product Variety: Theory and Evidence; Robert H. Amy Kathleen Wernimont, BS, Iowa State University, 1996. Crystallographic and Biophysical Analyses of the Human Copper Chaperone Hahl, Its Target Protein the Wilson Disease Pro- tein, and the Bacterial Copper Chaperone, Pco C; Amy Rosenzweig, adviser. Will, BA, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1994. Isolation and Expression of Candidate Genes in a Novel Animal Model of Endogenous Depression; Eva E. Lisa Michele Wolfe, BA, University of Colo- rado at Boulder, 1990; MDiv, United Theological Seminary, 1996. Analyzing Atrial Activity in Surface Electrocardio- grams to Help Determine Mechanisms of Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter; Alan V. Jeong Yoo, BS, Seoul National University, 1993; MS, 1995; MS, Ohio State Univer- sity, 1998. Development of a Nodal Natural Element Method with Applica- tions to Classical and Gradient Plasticity; Brian Moran, adviser. Jennifer Anne Chapin, BA, North Central College, 1997. Functional Analysis of Two Highly Conserved Domains in the Drosophila Transcription Factor, Cubitus interruptus; Robert A. Shaji Chempath, BTech, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 1996; MS, Clarkson University, 1999. Molecular Simulation of Multicomponent Adsorption and Diffusion in Zeolites; Randall Q. Chun-Eu Chen, BA, National Taiwan University, 1993; MA, Michigan State University, 1998. Media Consumption in the Cross-Cultural Context: Transnational Television Fiction and Taiwanese Young Audience; James Schwoch, adviser. Vinney Tiffany Gray Westlie Communication Studies Honors Program Benjamin J.

10 S EATi NG Charts FOOTBALL FIELD WIND ENSEMBLE STAGE FACULTY C F B D G E H room AUDIENCE SEATING (WEST STANDS ONLY) Restroom First aid RYAN FIELD A Weinberg B Weinberg C Graduate School D Weinberg E 50th reunion class F Music G Medill H Education and Social Policy I Communication J Mc Cormick 4N First aid (ground level) Restroom s 216 Men's restrooms- 'Graduate overflow Graduate overflow Weinberg Weinberg STAGE 201 Reserved seating WIND ENSEMBLE Graduate School Weinberg Music Medill Education & Social Policy Mc Cormick Reserved seating Reserved seating Reserved seating Mc Cormick MAIN FLOOR Communication r Mc Cormick 202 206 207 MEZZANINE 7 ' ^1 II ^ A Cheryl Enid Richelle Harewood Jeffrey Adam Kasten Jessica rlorence risher Etan Liron Harmelech Reid Kay Meagan Fitzsimmons \ /I 11 II L £ Molly Harnischreger Nazia H. rlevaris Bret Matthew Harper Robin Marie Kazmier Ariel Fliman I ' 1 \ :s Forcaists and Market Efficiency; Ravi Jagannathan, adviser. Voss, BA, Brigham Young University, 1994; BS, Florida State University, 1997; MS, Northwestern University, 2000. Raman- Induced Limits on Applications of Fiber Parametric Amplifiers; Prem Kumar, adviser. Regulation of tra-l m RNA Stability and Translational Control in Caenorhabditis elegans Sex Determination; James M. 30 Aaron James Blattner, BS, University of Utah, 1998. Ferronuig/ic'tism in Indium Manganese Arsenide Magnetic Semiconductor Thin Films Deposited hy Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy; Bruce W. Kathleen Bradley, AB, Princeton University, 1975; MA, Roosevelt University, 1978. The Role of School, Family, and Individual Factors in the Academic Success of Middle School Students at Three Achievement Levels and of Special Education Students with Mild Disabilities; Steven G. Jason Edward Bryant, BS, University of Oklahoma, 1998; MS, Northwestern University, 2001. Analysis of Constitutive Equations of Entangled Polymers Using Floiv Birefringence in a Time-Dependent, Axisymmetric Flow; Wesley R. Elisa Budyn, Dipl, Ecole Speciale des Travaux Publics, 1997; MS, Northwestern Uni- versity, 1999. Multiple Crack Groivth by the e Xtended Finite Element Method; Ted B. Shih-Hui Chang, BS, National Taiwan Uni- versity, 1994; MS, University of California, Riverside, 1996. FDTD Modeling of Light Propagation and Correlations in Active Random Media; Allen Taflove, adviser. David Joseph Collins, BA, University of Virgmia, 1987; BPh, Hochschule fur Philo- sophic, 1991; MDiv, Weston Jesuit School of Theology, 1997; Lie, 1998; MA, North- western University, 2000. Latin Lives of the Saints in Germany, 1470-1520: Humanists, History, and the Rhetoric of Sainthood; Richard Kieckhefer, adviser. Conrey, BA, Rice University, 2000; MA, Northwestern University, 2003. Situating Social Cognition: Context Effects on 'Implicit' Processing; Galen V. Elizabeth Mary Crompton, BS, Tulane University, 1999. Competition among Fluorescence and Photochemical Reactions in Substituted Stilbene and Sty- rene Systems; Frederick D. Kessler Sarah Kathryn Leahy William Bradford Love Danielle Marie Mc Bride Matthew David Miller Benjamin Nathanson Joel Eric Petrilla Laurel Elizabeth Rupley Philip Peter Scepanski Clinton David Sievers Jillian Ann Slattery Jennifer Faye Tabach Karintha Rene Touton Lisa A.

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