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Proposed SBEC Rules This page provides links to all proposed new rules, proposed amendments to existing rules, and proposed repeals approved by the State Board for Educator Certification and filed with the Texas Register.

Texas Education Code (outside source)The Texas Education Code includes all laws and rules passed by the state legislature.

Through the coordinating committee, verify that beginning teachers have completed the TEAM Program requirements for a provisional certificate and attest to that fact and that the teacher is eligible for the provisional certificate.

Provide the DCF commissioner, upon her request and for the purpose of investigating suspected child abuse or neglect by a teacher the board employs, any records the board maintains or keeps on file, regardless of another law (Allow retired teachers from the district who are not participating in Medicare Part A and B to continue participation in any group health insurance plan the district maintains for active teachers and charge retirees a premium no greater than that charged to active teachers for the same coverage.

Conduct its own investigation and take disciplinary action in accordance with the law when it receives notice from the DCF commissioner or the law enforcement agency that the investigation will not interfere with either of the other investigations.

Local and regional boards of education must develop a plan with the Board of Regents and the UConn Board of Trustees to align Connecticut's common core state standards with college-level programs at Connecticut public higher education institutions.

Provide school accommodations, including transportation, for all district students; notify the alleged responsible school board of any child to whom it denies accommodations; and follow hearing procedures for denial.

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Most schools are barred from using pesticides during school hours or planned activities at the school.School nurse or principal must select a qualified school employee to, under certain conditions, give a glucagon injection to a student with diabetes who may require prompt treatment to protect him or her from serious harm or death.Provide the opportunity for children between the ages of five and 18, who have not graduated from high school to attend school and provide reasonable and desirable school transportation for such students.Proposed Commissioner Rules This page provides links to all proposed new rules, proposed amendments to existing rules, and proposed repeals approved by the Commissioner of Education and filed with the Texas Register.State Board for Educator Certification Rules - Texas Administrative Code (TAC) This page provides information on State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) rulemaking, including links to the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), proposed and adopted rules, and rule review.

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