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They publish articles on a wide range of topics including Word Press tutorials, news, development, plugins, and themes.

You should also check out their community driven website Manage

He continues to share useful resources and Word Press news on a regular basis. WPMU DEV is well known to Word Press users because of their extensive range of Word Press plugins.

Their blog is updated daily with Word Press news, tutorials, theme reviews, plugin reviews, and opinions on Word Press.

General advice about Word Press is also shared and there is a hosting comparison page and recommended Word Press resources page.

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I have worked with Kris many times in the past and I am always amazed with how helpful he is with other Word Press users.

This natural desire to help others shines through in his articles.

WPEka has gained a lot of attention over the last few months by snapping up many Word Press themes and plugins for their WPEka club.

They will soon be expanding the blog and increasing their posting frequency, so expect great things from the blog in the near future.

WP Lift was launched in 2010 by Word Press developer Oliver Dale.

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