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'She's really wet,' the female officer jokes to her partner. It's a dramatic change in tone and Charlotte is taken aback. Closing her eyes, Charlotte draws in a deep breath, as Officer Wells brings her face in very close to the girl's vagina and takes a deep breath in herself. Officer Wells looks up at her and, smile fading, informs her that she is smelling for drugs.Charlotte looks down at the sadistic female officer. Her boyfriend is known to police and she might very well be concealing something up in there. 'He's an artist.' Both officers laugh, as Officer Wells stands back up and gets very close to Charlotte's face. Officer Wright nonchalantly tells her there is only one way to make sure she's telling the truth. 'We need to clean your pussy out,' Officer Wells cuts in.She hands her uniform to her partner and picks up the strap-on.'All you have to do is comply to this extra cavity search and prove that you have nothing inside of you,' She continues, slipping the dildo in.The pair are trespassing on commercial land so Max, an aspiring graffiti artist, can tag a water tower that is popular among his buddies.His accomplice is very nervous about getting caught but doesn't want to appear uncool in front of her man.

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She will get her phone call when it is appropriate.She has been waiting here since her arrest the previous evening. Several awkward moments pass before the outer doors open and Officer Wright enters.Without saying a word, the male corrections officer unlocks the cell and removes the other woman.She is a beautiful female corrections officer, neatly styled in a tight-fitting uniform. The female officer unlocks the cell and approaches the girl. 'Yes,' Officer Wells agrees, smiling and turning back to the girl. Officer Wells informs her in a sweet, sympathetic voice that she and her partner are going to have to take her clothing into custody and conduct a full body search.'She is here because she is an adult and, as an adult, she has the right to represent herself. Officer Wright gathers her civilian clothes while Officer Wells instructs her to stand still. The teen girl does as she is told, and the corrections officer inserts a finger into her vagina.

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