Penguin book dating

Agents also facilitate the relationship between an author and their editor.

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Publishers use different formats but the most common you will hear are ‘trade format’ and ‘B format’ which are the size of most small paperback novels Front list title: a book published recently, usually in the current year Genre: the ‘category’ that your book falls into.

Broadly, all books fall into three genres – fiction, non-fiction or children’s books but there are also sub-genres within these, for example business within non-fiction, or crime & thriller within fiction House: Penguin Random House, and many other publishers, are made up of smaller companies which operate independently called ‘houses’. Each one is in turn made up of several publishing imprints (see below) ISBN number: the unique identifying number for a particular book. paperback/ hardback/ e-book) will have a different ISBN IP/ Intellectual Property: books are protected as intellectual property, a bit like a trademark or patent.

This includes keywords – words that someone may type into search engines when looking for your book Prelims: the first pages in the book before the text itself starts.

These pages can include a list of other books by the author, title page, copyright page, and any dedications Proof: a mocked-up copy of a book which publishers use to get people excited about a book before it’s been published.

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