Paula abdul dating 2016

As a singer, she has collected 11 awards with worldwide album sales reaching 40 million records.All of these have proven that she is indeed can be considered as one of the most notable artists and choreographers in the world. Her desire to be a dancer grew stronger after she watched Gene Kelly's musical film entitled "Singing in the Rain." Pursuing her dream, she learned jazz and tap dance when she was barely 8 years old.In the same year, her aerobic video, "Get Up and Dance" came up and was critically acclaimed.

In the meantime, three other tracks were included in the top 20 of the chart.

Obtaining success and wealth as a prominent choreographer, Paula kept looking for chances to develop another potentiality she possessed.

Previously being complimented by Janet Jackson on her vocals, she made up her mind to become a singer.

With her distinguishing and dynamic style of dancing, she was successfully accepted, even later was pointed to be the head choreographer of the team.

Wanting to focus her attention on her career, Paula decided to give up her study at the university.

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