Origin of speed dating quotes about your ex dating someone new

“We chose a speed dating format to absolutely guarantee interaction between artists and scientists,” Phillips said.

And interact we did, with scientists sitting across artists for staccato four-minute bursts of discussion before moving onto the next.

One need only look at the chaos of the floods in Thailand or the Missouri River earlier this year to see examples of why those fears can be well founded.

By creating large works near water, Jackie’s told me her goal was to help ease some of those fears and create public spaces for people to engage with the water that sustains their communities.

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These services compile the data from brief encounters between daters and then inform each attendee of the results, allowing interested parties that scored a "match" to pursue another meeting with each other.

Who knew Superhero Clubhouse and CCAFS could be a match made in heaven?

Later in the night, installation artist Jackie Brookner took a seat across from me.

IRI as well as a number of other projects I’ve partnered with work with water infrastructure as well.

I’m happy to report that Jackie and I have already started emailing about some specific projects.

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