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Ashbrooke worked as vice president of human resources at Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax Films from 1991 to 2000.)Current and former employees disputed Ms. Kate Goss, a former project manager at Vice, said that in the summer of 2015 she reported an incident that occurred after a work event to her bosses and human resources. Ashbrooke told her there needed to be multiple incidents in order for her to take action against the other employee. Goss discussed the incident with a co-worker at the time, which The Times confirmed.She said that on the Ferris wheel at Coney Island a creative director put her hand in his crotch without her consent. Abby Ellis, a former Vice journalist, said that in 2013 Mr. Ellis that because she was an attractive woman she would face similar behavior throughout her career. Ellis discussed the episode with several co-workers at the time, which The Times confirmed.“As women, we get harassed everywhere and we don’t feel compelled to report it because it’s not considered a reportable offense,” Ms. “We’re expected to put up with it; it’s the cost of doing business.”Mr. Donahue at the party, he did not “remember doing anything of the sort.”Ms.The company said it has been taking steps to transform itself in recent months as the national debate over sexual harassment reshapes workplaces, and as it became aware that The Times and other news outlets were working on articles about the experiences of women at Vice.Vice has formed a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board, which includes the feminist icon Gloria Steinem and is led by the lawyer Roberta Kaplan; hired a new head of human resources; and terminated three employees for what it called behavior inconsistent with its values.

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In addition, more than two dozen other women, most in their 20s and early 30s, said they had experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct at the company — unwanted kisses, groping, lewd remarks and propositions for sex.

Vice said the agreement “was always meant to address content — it had nothing to do with conduct,” and that when it learned the language was causing confusion, it eliminated the agreement.

In the months before the Columbia Journalism Review published an article in 2015 about the culture at Vice, and was looking into the treatment of women at the company, lawyers for Vice warned at least one former employee, Murray Waas, who had worked as an investigations editor, about “his strict confidentiality obligations’’ and of the financial penalties he could face for talking to another media outlet.“I am sure he knows Vice will pursue all of its remedies aggressively,” Michael Delikat, a partner at the law firm Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, said in an email sent to Mr.

The settlements and the many episodes of harassment the women described depict a top-down ethos of male entitlement at Vice, where women said they felt like just another party favor at an organization where partying often was an extension of the job.

What stands out about the women’s accounts — in the wake of a public reckoning over sexual assault and harassment by mostly older men — is that the allegations involve men in their 20s, 30s and 40s who came of age long after workplace harassment was not only taboo but outlawed.“The misogyny might look different than you would have expected it to in the 1950s, but it was still there, it was still ingrained,” said Kayla Ruble, a journalist who worked at Vice from 2014 to 2016.

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