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It is available for purchase at and on Amazon.- What have you learnt about love from Tinder? User Registration Form .lia-form-password-confirm-entry, . User Registration Form .lia-form-email-confirm-entry, . User Registration Form .lia-form-profile-language-entry, . User Registration Form .lia-form-profile-location-entry . Now, we are back on our phones swiping away on the cab ride home looking for the next "great" date. A week with a few dates turned into a few more dates that turned into a rock star-type experience of 18 orgasms ... "The dating world is so fast-paced and crowded that sex is no longer something to wait for.We want to know straight away if there is sexual compatibility and some women might also feel if they don't act quickly on the sexual front they might lose to someone who will."I learned that Fifty Shades is, in reality, quite pale. Society's just at the beginning – the landscape for dating, sex, and relationships will change forever due to swiping.Their dating lives and bedroom style would make Mr Grey tinkle in his suit. Dr Nikki warned, "Going online to find love, sex and dates has opened up more possibilities and people, however tech dating is making us lazier and our communication skills are dwindling - things we actually need in relationships when we do get into them."The Age of Swipe is here to stay, and it's getting bigger. I learned there's a lot of lovely people out there swiping, and we shouldn't forget that on the other side of that smartphone is a man/woman who works, laughs, cries, and wants to meet somebody fun, cool, and new – we all need to respect that.Tonight, I'll crack open a bottle of wine (only one glass required) and learn how authoring a book about your dating and sex life affects your dating and sex life.- This piece was extracted from SWIPE – The Game has Changed, released this week.On Tinder, nearly 1 billion swipes occur every day from Sydney to New York ... The dating game has changed, and I entered it shortly after a long-term break-up.

So unfortunate ...someone really should have warned him because e came here to study).

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