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Modern electricty substations consist of very large transformers, working on the same principles that Faraday discovered. You can read more about the various kinds of modern transformers in an electrical conversation under 'distribution'.Faraday realised that the phenomenon he discovered was a transient one, and at that time, people were looking for continuous generation.

In the middle is a continuous ring made of solid soft iron.electrical generator A recreation of Faraday's experiment Behind the ring you can see the small battery used to supply the current.It is connected to the copper wire coil on one side of the ring. ) jumble of wire in the middle is the connection from the other coil to a modern galvanometer, the needle of which is shown at rest, after the transient effect that ocurred when the battery was first connected.You can transform up or down, depending how you displace the copper wires.If coil B has twice the number of windings than coil A, the voltage is reduced by half.

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