Men dating bisexual woman

Although, I do think if you search long enough, you will find what you are looking Literate Hiker I am so sorry to hear this. Im not infatuated or intrigued by anyone being homosexual or bisexual. Whatever floats your boat but for me in a relationship I want a straight "bi" men I've known, which isn't many, but the few I have were using it as more a sense of cover. I very much appreciate your honesty and well thought out question.

Thinking of two men or being with another woman doesnt turn me on at all. One was even.even now...doing the two cheek shuffle with other men while he thinks his wife is asleep in another room. For me, I suppose I'd figure I would feel I'd never be enough for a bisexual man, and I wouldn't... I'm rather traditional....however I respect your choice.

I think it really depends on what a person finds attractive.I think it is no different than not wanting to date someone to thin, to fat, red hair, freckles etc. But for me, Im pretty conservative in that respect.Each person has a preference in what they are looking for. Im a heterosexual female wanting only a monogamous heterosexual relationship with a straight male.I would never try to make you fit in a box of my own making, because that would mean you would only be expressing a portion of your sexuality and you are who you are and I am who I am and it would not be fair to either since we desire such different experiences.I am sure there is someone out there who will be a good fit for you but it 's going to take time and a discerning spirit.

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